God Hunters – Chinese anime reinvents Journey to the West

In the past Chinese anime hasn’t always been held in high regard, but Chinese animation studio Vasoon has been changing that perception over the last few years. Their new animation maintains the trend with The God Hunter – a story that takes place some years after the traditional Chinese story of Journey to the West and features some really amazing visuals.

Here’s The God Hunter trailer on Youtube:

The God Hunter, known as 西游后传(Xīyóu Hòuzhuàn*)’Story after/behind Journey to the West’ in Chinese, is set for release in 2015, but if you can’t wait until then have a look at some of Vasoon’s earlier works such as the 魁拔(Kuíbá) Kuiba series. If you search for “魁拔” on Youtube and order by video length, you just might find them.

It seems you might finally have some animation that will make even your Japanese-learning friends jealous.

Via Techbang.

*Thanks to @tha_realness Twitter for pointing out this should zhuàn (from 传记) and not chuán from 传说.

God Hunters Screens

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