Learning Chinese with the Mandarin Dub of Peppa Pig

During my trip back to the UK this year I spent a lot of time with my niece, who loves Peppa Pig. It seems the answer to everything in her world is either mummy, daddy, or Peppa Pig, usually the latter.

Peppa Pig is a cartoon about family of pigs. Peppa is the main character and daughter of the family. It’s a basic cartoon with simple story lines aimed at pre-school kids, but there’s something about it that gives it more charm than other cartoons in the same age group. Even after Netflix started the second loop of the first season, much to my niece’s delight, I wasn’t that bothered.

Peppa Pig (left) with little brother George and mummy and daddy pig
Peppa Pig (left) with little brother George and mummy and daddy pig

The simple dialogue, language repetition, and short length (~5 minutes) of the episodes make them perfect for listening practice and language acquisition – even if you’re not a pre-schooler.

I checked online and there is a Chinese dub of the cartoon that aired on Disney Junior in Taiwan (MOD ch.19). It’s not currently being aired at the moment, but luckily there are lots of episodes on Youtube. The show is called 粉紅豬小妹 (粉红猪小妹 fěnhóng zhū xiǎo mèi) ‘Miss Pink Pig’, and Peppa’s name is 佩佩豬 Pèi Pèi Zhū.

Here’s a Youtube playlist with lots of episodes from various series, starting with the 10 minute Christmas episode from the first series:

Each video includes the Mandarin dub, followed by the English version. This means they’re also perfect for introducing a child to Chinese, or English, which is what these dual language videos where probably created for.

The Chinese language Peppa Pig DVDs are also available to buy from Taiwan on Books.com.tw with overseas shipping available.

What other cartoons or animation do you watch in Chinese?