Taiwanese Market Walkthrough

I was out with the camera recently and towards the end of the afternoon ended up in one of the popular tourist markets here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, so decided to film a walkthrough. The difference being that the camera is facing the stalls, as opposed to straight ahead, towards people. If you’ve seen the documentary Manufactured Landscapes then it was the intro sequence that inspired this video – in the documentary the camera pans along a Chinese factory looking along the production lines, the whole sequence taking around 8 minutes with the purpose being to give a sense of scale.

I’ve watched the video a few times and each time I see something different. Even though the camera is moving quickly you still manage to get a few seconds out of someones busy work day, or a market-goer’s hunt for snacks.

Youtube video:

4 responses to “Taiwanese Market Walkthrough

    1. This is a tourist market, from what I could see/hear 70% of the people weren’t Taiwanese. There’s also been a huge influx of Chinese tourists over the last year or two, so in a way you could say that we have been invaded!

      I’ll do some similar videos soon of the popular local markets that aren’t visited by so many tourists.

  1. Brilliant! Great resource to use for my ‘shopping’ topic. The perspective you have adopted is useful, I can ‘send’ my pupils to a particular stall and put the role play in context. 谢谢!

  2. Nice work, Dave. Brings back a lot of memories. This moves me to dredge up old unedited videos of the inside of Taiwan markets and finish that project. You might enjoy some of the snapshots in the video Ilha Formosa – Taiwan in the 1960s at the Old China Books book blog.

    May I suggest for a next video project arranging with several cooperative, Mandarin-speaking street vendors of all those delicious looking comestables on their different stands to explain each item and give the Mandarin names for them.


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