The art of writing – Chinese character animations

Recently featured at the Kaohsiung 好漢玩字節 (The Delight of Chinese Character Festival), was 李宇(lǐ yŭ), a student from The Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK:

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The Chinese reads:

Seven 3-minute long short stories created using Chinese characters. The Art of Writing (漢字的藝術動畫) animation was created in 2004, with the other six animations being created in late 2008. The set of seven animations use movement and a unique style to illustrate the beauty of Chinese characters.

About the Designer

A graduate from The Arts University College at Bournemouth, and now continuing on to gain a masters degree at the same university. Gained a BTEC (a British higher national certificate/diploma) in Modern Art from the Plymouth College of Art and Design, and in the future plans to work in London’s creative industry.

The animations are a available to watch online, and really provide a unique perspective for looking at Chinese characters – even if you can’t read Chinese they are beautiful animations in their own right: