Chinese Gamers’ Funny Counter-Strike Parody of Popular KTV Song

Some Chinese gamers (I say Chinese as the subs were in Simplified Chinese) have created a music video for Counter Strike CS that parodies a famous song by Hong Kong singer 陳奕迅. The song, Ten Years (十年 shí nián)is a popular song in Taiwan and is a common choice at KTV (Karaoke) parties, not surprising as it has a very memorable tune and catchy chorus, even if it is a sad song.

CS parody

Before we get stuck in and have a laugh at some of the lyrics you’ll need to first watch the original music video:

Here’s a Youku link for our friends on the other side of the Taiwan Strait 🙂

Now here is the Counter-Strike parody video:

And another Youku link.

As to how funny you find the lyrics probably depends on whether or not you’ve ever played online games before. Well, let’s take a look at some of the funnier lyrics and see what you think.

成千上萬個門口,總有一個人要先走(成千上万个门口,总有一个人要先走 chéngqiānshàngwàn ge ménkǒu, zǒngyǒu yī ge rén yào xiān zǒu)
Thousands upon thousands of doors, inevitably one person will go first.

成千上萬個網友,在遊戲中蝶蝶不休(成千上万个网友,在游戏中蝶蝶不休 chéngqiānshàngwàn ge wǎngyǒu, zài yóuxì zhōng dié dié bù xiū)
Thousands upon thousands of gamers (internet friends), constantly flying like butterflies through the game.

A couple of words worth learning in there, too. 成千上萬(成千上万 chéngqiānshàngwàn)literally means thousands and tens of thousands, 一萬(一万)being the Chinese number for 10,000. 網友(网友 wǎngyǒu)is also a good one, it means “internet friends” but is also used to describe internet users in general.

一邊享受,一邊淚流(一边享受,一边泪流 yībiān xiǎngshòu, yībiān lèiliú)
On the one hand enjoying it, on the other streaming tears

一邊防守,一邊暴頭(一边防守,一边暴头 yībiānfángshǒu, yībiān bàotóu)
On the one hand defending, on the other exploding heads

Probably the line that made me laugh the most just because of the 暴頭(暴头 bàotóu)part, literally “exploding heads” – if you’re an online gamer you’ll know head shots are held in high regard. From an educational point of view the most useful thing here is the 一邊…,一邊…(一边…,一边… yībiān…, yībiān…) sentence structure, which means “on the one hand…., on the other hand…”, or “doing…, while….”, so you could also translate the parody as “exploding heads while at the same time defending”. Okay, let’s look at one more line, then you’re on your own to compare the rest.

十年之前,我不認識妳,妳不屬於我,我們還是一樣…(十年之前,我不认识妳,妳不属于我,我们还是一样… shínián zhīqián, wǒ bú rènshì nǐ, nǐ bù shŭyú wǒ, wǒmen háishì yīyàng …)
10 years ago, I didn’t know you, you weren’t a part of me, we were the same…

開槍之前,我在你後邊,你沒發現我,我看了你半天…(开枪之前,我在你后边,你没发现我,我看了你半天… kāiqiāng zhīqián, wǒ zài nǐ hòu biān, nǐ méi fāxiàn wǒ, wǒ kàn le nǐ bàn tiān…)
Before I opened fire, I was behind, you didn’t discover me, I was watching you for ages

You really need to understand the Chinese to find this one funny, since the English translations of each version are quite different and don’t rhyme in the same way that the Chinese versions do. Quite a few useful words here and too many to list out, but 屬於(属于 shŭyú)is a good one and means to “belong to”, or “be apart of”. 開槍(开枪 kāiqiāng), literally ‘open gun’, means to open fire, or to start shooting. Another interesting word is 半天 which literally translates as ‘half a day’, meaning a long time, but in English ‘ages’ is more along the same lines.

If you know of any more funny parodies like this then please post ’em below!

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  1. well, 暴頭 actually means Headshot

    and that 蝶蝶不休 is a wrong typing, the correct one is

    喋喋不休 which means continues wrangling or prolonged annoying

    喋喋 means talkative & 不休 means won’t stop

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