Django Unchained: Mandarin movie poster

Django Unchained turned out to be one of the rare modern westerns that’s actually good. Unforgiven is another that comes to mind, but that’s really quite a different film. Django Unchained takes its name from from the 1966 Sergio Corbucci movie, but apart from the name and the catchy theme song they have little in common. I’ve seen the original Django movie hailed as groundbreaking, which it may have been at the time, and if you’re a movie-buff it’s interesting to see where Tarantino got some of his inspiration for other movies, though otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.

Django Unchained

The Django unchained poster is a bold one – featuring the main characters and only three colours, black, white, and red/blood, which is exactly what the movie is about.

Django Unchained is called 決殺命(jué shā mìng), the three characters meaning ‘decide’, ‘murder’ and ‘fate’. Which seem quite apt given that the protagonist, Django, is given the chance to take control of his fate, usually through violence. Below the movie name, and next to Tarantino’s Chinese name it also says 暴力新章(bàolì xīn zhāng)which can be translated as ‘a new chapter of violence’.

I won’t list the Chinese translations of the actors names, but needless to say they are long phonetic translations that would be pointless to learn.