Two Urban Free Climbers from the Ukraine Climb the Shanghai Tower (video)

Two urban free climbers have just finished a trip to China, but apparently they weren’t there for the baozi or the Great Wall, they were there to climb the Shanghai Tower.

Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, two urban free climbers from the Ukraine recently free climbed the Shanghai Tower and the filmed the experience. Raskalov, who recently moved to Hong Kong, posted on his facebook page, together with a video of the two climbing the sky scraper:

“Today we will show you how to climb on second tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower, China.”

Youtube Video:

Free climbing in Chinese is 徒手攀登(túshǒu pāndēng), literally ‘bare handed climbing’, as opposed to using a rope or climbing tools, which is 人工攀登(Réngōng pāndēng). 人工 means ‘artificial’ or ‘man made’, the thinking here that it’s not natural climbing as tools are involved.

The two have been posting pictures and video to their Facebook pages and Instagram account and promise more soon.