Green Mario

This comic strip turned up in my Twitter stream yesterday and gave me a chuckle so I thought I’d translate it into Chinese. I hope the guys at Safely Endangered don’t mind – check out their comics they’re all really funny.

Scroll down for the transcript. - Green Mario

嘿!是超級瑪莉歐兄弟 (嘿!是超级玛莉欧兄弟)
Hēi! Shì chāojí mǎlìōu xiōngdì
Hey, it’s the Mario Brothers

媽咪,你為什麼都不記得我的名字? (妈咪,你为什么都不记得我的名字?)
Māmī, nǐ wèishéme dōu bù jìdé wǒ de míngzì?
Mama, why-a you never remember my name?

拍謝,綠色瑪莉歐 (拍谢,绿色玛莉欧)
Pāi sěi, lǜsè mǎlìōu
I’m-a sorry green Mario

The Chinese should be quite readable for beginners, but I’ll break it down a bit anyway (see above for the Pinyin)

嘿 is exactly like the English ‘hey’, a casual greeting. 超级玛莉欧 is Super Mario and then 兄弟 is brothers. In the second paragraphy I used 媽咪 as this is a cute way of saying mother, kind of like mummy/mommy. In the last paragraph I used the Taiwanese for ‘sorry’ which is 拍謝 and sounds like pai1 sei3, because it’s cute, but also because Taiwanese mothers almost all speak mainly Taiwanese 🙂

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