Hardware Girls Magazine – Chinese Language Version

The Japanese magazine “Hardware Girls” has made its way to the shores of Taiwan, complete with Traditional Chinese translations, and of course all of the images, which need no translation.

Hardware Girls features just that – hardware and girls. Photographs of cute Japanese girls posing with all sorts of geek-fetish hardware from retro video game systems to motherboards and audio equipment is interspersed with tech-related articles and artwork.

Hardware Girls Robotics

According to the magazine’s creator and photographer Julie Watai “machines and girls are without a doubt the best combination”, and she certainly does her best to try and prove that. Though, as I mentioned above, it’s not all girls – There’s articles about gaming culture, retro design, electronic music and suprisingly a short piece on the Arduino. Regardless, there’s no hiding the fact that this magazine is girls.

Here’s are some of the highlights from the magazine.

The intro by photographer Julie Watai. Honestly, it starts out well, but ends in a bit of a ramble.

Hardware Girls Intro

Famicom girl. Not sure what it is about retro Nintendo hardware, must be a thing with guys born in the 80s.

Famicom Girl

Power Glove! And I should mention that the Power Glove is in focus, with the girl behind blurred in a shallow depth of field, I mean, let’s get our priorities straight here! Also, note the free ‘Chiptunes CD’ – I would have listened to this had I not recently removed the optical drive from my Macbook Pro in order to fit an SSD drive.

Power Glove

A selection of artwork based on Famicom cart labels:

Famicom Cart Gallery

More geeky-ness with Arduino, it must be said that the layout and presentation quality in the magazine is top-notch:

Hardware Girls - Arduino

Hardware Girls - Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap, New Geek Girl Fashion

The last section of the magazine features so-called ‘geek girl fashion’, scantily girls holding geeky items… wait, isn’t that what the rest of the magazine is? Oh, forget it!

Hardware Girls Keyboard

So is it worth your hard-earned cash? Well, it is a genuine piece of cultural oddity translated in Traditional Chinese goodness – if you are into retro hardware and learning Chinese, I’d have to say yes. Otherwise you may as well just check out the Hardware Girls website and Facebook page, though it won’t be in Chinese, of course.

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Hardware Girls Website
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