Like Tears in Rain

Over at MandarinPoster we’ve been trying our hand at some daily sentences using characters from the poster. For 雨 I wanted to use “like tears in rain” from Roy’s monologue at the end of Blade Runner. However, it is such a fantastic scene that I thought why not put the entire thing on ChineseHacks. You can read more about the monologue at Wikipedia.

Below is taken from the Director’s cut Blu-ray subs.

我見過你們人類無法置信之事 (我见过你们人类无法置信之事)

Wǒ jiànguò nǐmen rénlèi wúfǎ zhìxìn zhī shì

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

太空戰艦在獵戶星座的肩旁熊熊燃燒 (太空战舰在猎户星座的肩旁熊熊燃烧)

Tàikōng zhànjiàn zài lièhù xīngzuò de jiān páng xióngxióng ránshāo

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

我注視萬丈光芒 (我注视万丈光芒)

Wǒ zhùshì wànzhàng guāngmáng

I watched c-beams glitter

在天國之門的黑暗裡閃耀 (在天国之门的黑暗里闪耀)

Zài tiānguó zhī mén de hēi’àn lǐ shǎnyào

in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

所有的那些瞬間都將消逝在時光中 (所有的那些瞬间都将消逝在时光中)

Suǒyǒu dì nàxiē shùnjiān dōu jiāng xiāoshì zài shíguāng zhōng

All those moments will be lost in time.

一如眼淚 消失在雨中 (一如眼泪 消失在雨中)

Yī rú yǎnlèi Xiāoshī zài yǔzhōng

Like tears in rain.

死亡的時刻到了 (死亡的时刻到了)

Sǐwáng de shíkè dàole

Time to die.

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  1. Thank you so much! I love this movie, and this monologue in particular. Is there a recommended method for scoring Western movies in Chinese with Chinese subtitles? Preferably in such a way that they can be shipped overseas.

  2. Hallo, I would usually rent them while in Taiwan but that was only for the subtitles, unless it’s animation there won’t be a dub on the Taiwanese version. In China however it’s a different story but often the quality isn’t the best. I have heard some people use but haven’t had any first hand experience. Sorry!

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