Lost in Taiwan – Amazing Artwork Captures Taiwanese Culture

The illustration below was created by Jon Renzella, an American expat and woodcut artist living in Taiwan. The essence of Taiwan and Taiwanese culture has been captured perfectly, and if you’ve spent any time in Taiwan then the artwork is sure to jump out at you.

Lost In Taiwan
Click the image to go to Jon’s blog and view the full size version

All of the unique Taiwanese characteristics are present – the meandering scooters, KTV, ice tea stands, street party tents, foot massage and convenience stores, a precariously parked 7-11 delivery van even makes an appearance. Too many things to mention them all.

When explaining life in Taiwan to friends and family I now need only show them this image to help illustrate my explanations. Here’s some of the things to look out for while you are viewing the full size version on Jon’s site:

A ceremonious fire outside a shop:

Lost in Taiwan - Fire

A wedding party tent taking up half a street:

Lost in Taiwan - Party Tent

A KTV venue:

Lost in Taiwan - KTV

A bin lorry/trash truck:

Lost in Taiwan - Bin Lorry

Street vendors and what looks like a blue truck, or 「發財車」, selling fruit off the back:

Lost in Taiwan - Street Vendors

If you can spot anything else interesting then post it in the comments!

About the Artist

You can read more about the artist, Jon Renzella, on his blog, but here’s a snippet taken from his bio:

Jon Renzella was born in the greater Boston area, USA, and moved to the midwest to complete a BFA in Printmaking from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has also studied at L’Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. [he] has exhibited across North America, Europe, and Asia. He currently resides in Taichung City, Taiwan.

If you want to get in touch with Jon you can contact him via his blog, or on Twitter as @JRenzella_Art .

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