Making a noticeboard from a Chinese burlap sack

I came across a shop here in Taiwan that sells various sacks and bags that have been used for coffee and agriculture etc., and to satisfy my fetish for all things with Chinese characters I bought a couple and decided to make a noticeboard/pin board out of one. Much like the Taiwan Beer lamp post this has little to do with actually learning Chinese, but I do translate the printed Chinese at the end!

Sack Noticeboard

It was really easy to make, all I did was buy a sheet of polystyrene from an art supplies shop:

Sack Polystyrene

Then just cut the polystyrene down to fit and inserted it into the sack.


I then used some tacks to pull the sack around the polystyrene.


And there you have it, a Chinese sack noticeboard.


If you’re interested about the Chinese it actually says:


Pinyin: qiān xī gān lì
English: 迁西 is a place in China, and 甘栗 are horse chestnuts.

What I’m not sure is why 紫(zǐ)is shown, which means “purple” – are there different types of horse chestnut with a purple inside and not white?