The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap walkthrough video in Mandarin

If you enjoyed our previous video game posts on retro games and retro consoles then this series of videos by Taiwanese Youtuber 阿神 should be of interest.

In this four-part video series 阿神 walks through the Mandarin version of the GBA title The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, which is known by various Chinese names including 神奇的帽子(shénqí de màozi), 不可思議的帽子(不可思议的帽子 bùkěsīyì de màozi)both of which mean ‘Magic cap’, and 縮小帽(缩小帽 suōxiǎo mào) ‘shrink cap’.

The series doesn’t appear to be a complete walkthrough, which isn’t really a problem since each of the four videos is around an hour long, and the reason they stand out so much is because of 阿神’s commentary – Not only does he describe what’s going on on-screen, but also reads aloud all of the dialogues, making it perfect for gamers who are learning Mandarin.

In addition to this Zelda series, 阿神 has tons of other videos including Minecraft and various other games, each of which are commentated with the same upbeat feel.

Get started watching episode one of this walkthrough:

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  1. I’m hooked already… 阿神 is amazing. So many hours of my life are now going to disappear.

    Thanks for the epic content recommendation.

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