Pig You a Happy Birthday

From the title of this post you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m going on about. Well, I saw this card in a local stationery shop while buying a birthday card and though that the little play on words was cute enough to justify a post, though I’ll let you be the judge.

Pig You a Happy Birthday Card

The card reads:

"zhū" nǐ shēng rì kuài lè
Pig you a happy birthday ( 祝你生日快樂 Wishing you a happy birthday)

The joke comes from the pronunciation of “pig” 豬 (猪 zhū) being the same as “to wish” 祝(zhù), albeit a different tone, and there’s a picture of a pig – which makes it funny, right? Thinking on, it reminds me of Ralph’s Valentines card from The Simpsons that read “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” and showing a picture of a train. Simple minds eh?

I Choo Choo Choose You

3 responses to “Pig You a Happy Birthday

  1. I remember when I first started to learn Mandarin (gosh, this makes it sound like I’ve been doing it for ages…) my teacher told me that in university whenever it was somebody’s birthday they would also sing 豬,你生日快樂 instead of 祝你生日快樂. Even though when sung you can’t hear the differences in the tones when sung it was apparently a common joke and everyone knew it meant “pig, we wish you a happy birthday” instead of the actual translation. It made me laugh back then but I couldn’t full appreciate the play in words until I had more words to play with at my disposal.

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