Today Only – Clever Street Vendor

Here’s an interesting image that appeared in my Instagram feed a few days ago. The stall is selling sticky rice balls, 麻糬(má shǔ), which in Taiwanese is pronounced more like má jí (listen to the Taiwanese pronunciation, thanks TimMaddog). The sign on the stall reads:

májí bànjià, zhǐyǒu jīntiān
Sticky Rice Balls Half Price, Today Only.

The joke is that the name of the shop is 只有今天 “Today Only”. It has nothing to do with the length of the half price offer, which has presumably been running ever since the stall opened.

I could see in the short-term how this might pay off, but I couldn’t see anyone being fooled more than once 🙂

Here’s a quick breakdown of the sign:

半价 (bànjià)means “half price”, 半 being “half” and 价 being short for 价格 (jiàgé)”price”. Then 只有(zhǐyǒu)means “only” and 今天(jīntiān)is “today”.

Today Only

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