Who’s the heaviest?

Here's the perfect cheesy joke for your Valentine's card next year.

I just saw this joke on Twitter that’ll be perfect for a cheesy Valentine’s card, and great for learning some simple Chinese vocab.


Wǒ 50 gōngjīn, nǐ 50 gōngjīn, tiě 50 gōngjīn, mián 50 gōngjīn, shéi zuì zhòng?
Wǒ, yīnwèi wǒ xīnlǐ hái yǒu yīgè nǐ!

I weigh 50kg, you weigh 50kg, iron weighs 50kg, cotton weighs 50kg, who’s the heaviest?
Me, because you’re in my heart!

It’s a simple joke but you can still learn a lot from it. First you’ve got the objects –

I, me

you (female variant)


iron, metal



Then there’s the unit of measurement, in this case kilogram:




So we get 我50公斤, literally “I’m 50kg”.

Next is the question in which we ask “who’s the heaviest” using the adjective 最 “most”.


Shéi zuì zhòng?

“who most heavy” (who’s the heaviest)

And finally the answer using 因為 “because” to explain the reasoning – I’m heavier, because you’re also my heart.

You could also say 因為妳也在我心裡, but it doesn’t sound as punchy in Chinese. 因為我心裡還有一個妳 literally reads as “Because in my heart there’s additionally a ‘you'”

Here’s the original tweet:

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