Open the Door and See a Mountain – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

I originally saw this image on reddit in r/japan and after reposting to Facebook my old Chinese teacher immediately replied with this peach of an idiom. Personally I love the simplicity of the characters, it’s easy to remember and the stroke count is tiny.



Pinyin: kāi mén jiàn shān
English: to open the door and see the mountain, to get right to the point


wǒ men kāi mén jiàn shān ba?
Let’s cut to the chase.

bié rào wān zi, kāi mén jiàn shān shuō bā
Don’t beat about the bush, get to the point.

nǐ néng bù néng kāi mén jiàn shān jiǎng chū lái?
Can you get to the point?