To Start From Scratch – Chinese Idiom

Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common place now that the web has provided an equal platform upon which to build a business,  and with us being smack bang in the middle of the second ‘dotcom’ bubble makes it all the more apt to learn this following idiom.


Pinyin: bái shǒu qǐ jiā
English: to start from scratch; to create something from nothing
Notes: 白 here means empty, while 手 is hand. 起 is short for 興起(兴起 xīng qǐ) which means to develop or create, and lastly 家 here is short for 家業(家业 jiā yè) which is family property, or just property. Literally meaning ‘to start from an empty hand and create property’, which sums up entrepreneurship quite well!

To show the usage of this idiom we’ll borrow one sentence (which I am sure is covered under fair use!) from the Chinese version of Crush It, a book written by Gary Vaynerchuck and focusing on  entrepreneurship in the Internet age.

Crush It

Here’s the rest of the vocabulary you’ll need to read this example:



Pinyin: xīn kŭ
English: hard work; to work hard


Pinyin: mó liàn
English: to discipline


Pinyin: chuàng yè guò chéng
English: entrepreneurial process; “the process or starting a new enterprise”


Pinyin: kě wàng
English: aspiration; to yearn for


Pinyin: zhuī qiú
English: to pursue; to go after


Pinyin: yī qiè
English: everything




wǒ yīxiàng rènwéi xīnkŭ cái néng móliàn wǒmen, báishǒuqǐjiā de chuàngyè guòchéng duì wǒ jiārén hěn yǒu bāngzhù, yě ràng wǒ gèng kěwàng zhuīqiú yīqiè

I always believe that only through hard work can we discipline ourselves, the entrepreneurial process of creating something out of nothing was a big help to my family, and also gave me the aspiration to pursue everything

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  1. I just started reading Outliers (异类) in Chinese, and this phrase has come up more than a few times already. Thanks.

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