63 Year Old Nanjing woman removes pants and whips police

Xinhua news reports, yesterday afternoon at about 1pm in Nanjing City, a woman riding a 3-wheeled electric vehicle the wrong way along the road colided with a cyclist. After arriving at the scene a traffic police officer from the 6th division requested to seize the vehicle, only to have the woman remove her trousers and proceed to whip the officer with them until he fell to the ground.

新华报业网讯 昨天下午1点左右,在南京市中央门立交桥下,一名骑电动三轮车的女车主张某,因骑反道违章带客撞到一骑自行车行人。交警六大队的一名交警赶来处理事故要求暂扣车时,该女车主突然脱掉裤子,用裤子抽打交警,直至将交警打昏在地。

The incident occured under a fly-over in Zhong Yang Men, Nanjing City. At the time of the incident the woman, wearing a light blue shirt and black trousers, was riding the wrong way along the street when she colided with a cyclist, a confrontation ensued between the woman and cyclist affecting the flow of traffic.  Xie Bin, a traffic officer from the 6th division, and two other officers who were in the vicinity at the time rushed to the scene. Xie Bin found that the 3-wheeled electric vehicle was unlicenced, and subsequently being used illegally. This, in addition to the crime of driving the wrong way along the street, was enough for the officer to sieze the vehicle to run checks.

事发现场位于南京中央门立交桥下方东南角。事发时,这名电动三轮车女车主,上身穿着浅蓝色短衬衫,下穿黑色长裤,骑着电动三轮车反道违章带客,一下子撞到 途经此地的一骑自行车行人,随后双方发生纠纷引起交通不畅。正在附近巡逻的行人六大队交警谢斌和两名交通协管员赶到现场,谢斌发现女子张某所骑这辆电动三 轮车无牌无证,属于非法营运,加上反道违章等,于是按规定要暂扣张某的电动三轮车进行调查。

What happened next left people speechless and shocked. In full view of the public the woman removed her trousers and rushed at the officer, whirling the trousers in her hand she proceeded to whip the officer. Xie Bin and the accompanying officers, took into account that the assailant was a woman, and not wearing any trousers, so chose not to restrain the woman but rather tried to pursuade her to stop. When the officer grabbed the handle bars of the womans vehicle, she thought the officer was about to seize the vehicle so turned around and attacked the officer with her trousers again.

Xie Bin leant to the side and allowed the woman to attack him. At this time, the woman tried to push her vehicle away from the scene, pushing the vehicle into Xie Bin who was standing beside. Upon finding she would be unable to move the vehicle she proceeded to attack the officer again. There was a huge “bang” sound as the woman hit the back of the officers head with her trousers, after feeling the back of his head, the officer suddenly fell to the ground.

Due to all officers at the scene being men, and not suitable for handling the situation, the police station called for a woman police officer and woman security guard, who after arriving at the scene finally had the woman put her trousers back on and took her to the police station for processing. As the security guard on the scene explained, this isn’t the first time the woman had removed her trousers like this, a similar situation had happened in the past.

Zhong Yang Men Police Station reported that because the woman had disturbed the peace she would be held in custody for 15 days, and whether or not she would be charged for attacking an officer depended on Xie Bin’s injuries.

source: ifeng.com

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