Chinese Viral Video: Woman tows away a tow truck

Recently a video appeared and spread around the Internet forums in China. In the video an illegally parked car is about to be towed. The woman driver can be seen arguing with the tow truck driver before becoming extremely angry, jumping into her car and starting the engine. She then uses the front wheels of the car to drive away, taking the tow truck with her leaving the flabbergasted tow truck driver chasing behind.


Tow Truck

According to the “Eastern Morning News”, the video actually appeared on the Internet in 2008, but it only recently attracted the interest of netizens. The authenticity of the video has also been called in question, some saying the woman’s actions were too swift, with others saying that it is the stunt of a car manufacturer.


The media analysed the video and pointed out that towing away a tow truck with your car would result in a heftier fine, so very few people would actually follow through. An Eastern Morning News reporter after careful analysis discovered that the video was in fact planned, and didn’t really happen on a public road.


廣在…流傳 (广在…流传)

Pinyin: guǎng zài … liú chuán
English: spread/propagate widely, literally: “widely in (place) spread”, 廣為流傳 (广为流传) can also be used if a place is not specified
Example: 廣在大陸論壇中流傳 ; spread widely on the Chinese forums


English: short for 違反規定 (违反规定)which means to “violate law/regulation”
Example: 一輛車違規遭拖車吊起; a car in violation of (traffic) regulations was hoisted up by a tow truck


Pinyin: jià shǐ
English: driver
Example:  女駕駛當場與拖吊人員理論; the woman driver argued with the two truck driver

氣不過 (气不过)

Pinyin: qì bú guò
English: extremelty angry
Example: 之後氣不過,就直接跑進駕駛座; (she) then became extremely angry, and got into the car

發動引擎 (发动引擎)

Pinyin: fā dòng yǐn qíng
English: start/launch (發動) engine (引擎)
Example: 發動引擎用前輪開車; (she) started the engine and used the front wheels to drive the car


Pinyin: shǎ yǎn
English: flabbergasted, astonished
Example: 讓傻眼的拖車司機在後面狂追; left the astonished tow truck driver crazily chasing behind

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