Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5bn – Mini Chinese Lesson

Hopefully Microsoft can do a better job with Skype than Ebay did, especially after the less than warm welcome the new version of Skype for Mac received. The following news bite is taken from a recent article on BBC News.


The following vocabulary focuses on the keywords related to making a deal for purchasing a company.



Pinyin: jù tóu
English: giant; important/big player in a market

The article refers to both Microsoft and Skype as 巨頭(巨头), this literally translates as “giant head”, and means an important player, or a magnate in a particular industry. So here Microsoft and Skype are both referred to as giants in the respective markets.


Pinyin: tán pàn
English: to negotiate, to talk

Here 談 is to talk, while 判 is the judge or to decide, so if you’re talking and at the same time making decisions then you are negotiating. You’ll also see 判 used in news about court judgements in the form of 判決(pàn jué)which means ‘judgement’.


Pinyin: shōu gòu
English: to acquire; to purchase

收 simply means to receive, if you were to receive a gift you could say that you 收到禮物(收到礼物 shōu dào lǐ wù), but be  careful not to say 受到(shòu dào) which means ‘be subjected to’. 購 means to purchase, as in 購物(购物 gòu wù).


Pinyin: shì yí
English: arrangements

事 is from 事情(shì qíng), which means a matter or an affair, while 宜 means suitable, when you make arrangements they must be suitable for the related matter.


Pinyin: chéng gōng
English: success; successful

To be successful at something you must complete a task, here we could say 成 is short for 完成 “to complete” and 功 is an accomplishment.


Pinyin: tóng yì
English: to agree

同 means the “same”, and 意 means “intention” or “meaning” – so if you have the same intention or idea as someone, then you agree with them.

News Bite

Computer giant Microsoft, who is currently in the process of negotiating acquisition arrangements with Skype, has just announced that negotiations have been successful. Microsoft said they have already agreed to acquire internet telephony giant Skype for $8.5bn.



zhèng zài yŭ Skype tán pàn shōu gòu shì yí de  diàn nǎo ruǎn jiàn jù tóu wéi ruǎn gāng xuān bù tán pàn chéng gōng. wéi ruǎn shuō, yǐ jīng tóng yì yòng 85 yì měi yuán shōu gòu wǎng luò diàn huà jù tóu Skype.

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