New Product Release – More Chinese Keywords

A while back we looked at some keywords surrounding the release of a new product such as 開賣(开卖),上市,推出,出來 etc. A couple of words that we didn’t list, and that I have seen in frequent use on over the last few weeks are 釋出 and 釋放:


Pinyin: shì chū


Pinyin: shì fàng

English: to release, to liberate, to make available, to set free


Let’s have a look at how these words have been used in news reports from the last few weeks about new product releases:

Firefox Mobile Released for Android and Maemo (釋出/释出)

Traditional Chinese:
Firefox 4 Mobile終於進入beta了,beta 1會在這個禮拜結束前於Android與Maemo平台上釋出

Simplified Chinese:
Firefox 4 Mobile终于进入beta了,beta 1会在这个礼拜结束前于Android与Maemo平台上释出

Firefox 4 Mobile zhōng yú jìn rù beta le, beta 1 huì zài zhè ge lǐ bài jié shù qián yú Android yŭ Maemo píng tái shàng shì chū

Firefox 4 Mobile finally went into beta, beta 1 will be released on Android and Maemo platforms before the end of the week

Nintendo 3DS (釋放/释放)

Traditional Chinese:

Simplified Chinese:

zhào mù qián 3DS shì fàng chū de yī xiē yóu xì yǐ jí gōng néng zhǎn shì, kàn lái 3DS yào yán xù DS de xiāng huǒ yīng gāi bú shì dà wèn tí

Judging by the videos that have been released of the 3DS games and features, it looks like it won’t be a problem to keep the DS fires burning

If you know of any other words that can be described to describe releasing a new product to market then let us know in the comments below!

2 responses to “New Product Release – More Chinese Keywords

  1. Hi, just wanna point out that when talking about the ‘release of a new product’, it’s more common to use 推出 instead of 釋出 in mainland China, HK and Macau. I think somehow using 釋出 to talk about the release of a new software product is more common in Taiwan..

    Also, there is a subtle difference between the two terms. 釋出 can be used to say that a new product is released. But more often, 釋出 is used when talking about the leak out or release of gases, or release of chemical compounds .. yet 推出 cannot be used in these situations.

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