Amazon Launches Kindle eBookstore in China

It looks like there’ll finally be a decent selection of Chinese ebooks for Kindle users as Amazon has just launched the Kindle eBook Store in China. As reported by Tech in Asia:

The Chinese “Kindle Store”… is now online here; plus the Android version of the Kindle reading app is on this special homepage, along with the iPhone and iPad versions now in the Chinese iTunes App Store.

While Chinese books are available on the Amazon’s China website, it’s still not clear if you’ll be able to buy them without a Chinese address. I just tried to log in using my Amazon UK/US account details to no avail. Then after registering for a new account using the exact same email address as my other Amazon accounts my Kindle devices (iPad and Android phone) were not detected. This meant not only could I not buy a book, but I couldn’t even send a free book to one of my devices. does have a Chinese language Kindle section, though after searching for the Chinese version of Price and Prejudice, a book with a free version available in the Chinese store, the only version available was $2.56. The Chinese version that’s available in the US store appears to be a different edition, but it proves that the Chinese language books available for Kindle in China are different from those available outside.

Now that there is an official Kindle store in China, the hope is that we’ll start to see more Chinese ebooks available in the US and other Kindle stores (the selection at the moment is a measly 149 books), which I’m sure will be welcomed by Chinese learners everywhere.

If you have an information about purchasing books from the Chinese Kindle store outside China, please post in the comments!

source: TechinAsia via TheNextWeb