ChineseHacks welcomes partnerships with other Chinese learning solutions and platforms. We’re interested in all types of partnerships, so if you’re interested in partnering with us then get in touch! LogoWe’re pleased to announce our first official partner,, the online Chinese learning platform that enables students from all over the world to connect with world-class Chinese teachers from the comfort of their home or office. Starting immediately, students of can enjoy specially adapted ChineseHacks learning materials from within their account.


It’s easy to see why we’d partner with ChineseTeachers. The platform provided by ChineseTeachers enables students to break away from the restrictions that are imposed by the traditional classroom. Students can choose where they want to learn, at what time, and with which teacher. Furthermore, with all of the teachers at having undergone a strict and extensive evaluation process, students can be sure that all of the teachers at are of the highest standard possible.

How do I access the service?

To start enjoying the ChineseHacks lesson materials on, all you need to do is create an account, then from within your new account just click on the My Documents link at the top to view all of the available ChineseHacks learning materials. You can review the lesson materials yourself, then select which lesson materials you’d like to use in your next lesson on ChineseTeachers. on

Each lesson comprises important Chinese vocabulary, Pinyin pronunciation, English translations, example usage and even the audio of the whole lesson!

It’s amazingly easy to get started on, but if you happen to get stuck or just want to read about how the service works before you start then browse over to the help section.