Chinese Hacks Podcast – Episode 0

We’ve been shooting around the idea of a podcast for a while now – not a lesson based podcast (that will be coming soon, though), but more of a general Chinese-learner podcast.

So here it is – the ChineseHacks Podcast “Episode 0”, hosted by myself, and Chris. We’re calling it Episode 0 because it’s a trial release, to let us get used to recording the Skype conversation and getting the editing down. The audio isn’t perfect as we had some troubles recording, we’ll be fixing this, but as for content goes please leave us some feedback so we can tweak the show.

ChineseHacks Podcast

The idea for the podcast is that we will be discussing topics that are relevant to learners of Chinese – book reviews, interesting blog posts, learning methods and general life in Asia.

Download Links

You can listen to the podcast on the website here:

ChineseHacks Podcast Episode 0

Or download to your computer using this direct MP3 link.

If you have any feedback about the show, or any topics that you would like us to discuss then please post in the comments below.

Show Links

Here’s the list links to topics that we discuss in the podcast:

6 responses to “Chinese Hacks Podcast – Episode 0

  1. First, I like your accent Dave! Then my personal opinion is that I prefer reading this kind of things rather than listening. While listening I thought a video would be nice so we could see what you’re talking about (like the book).

    One idea came to my mind when you said you want it to be Chinese-learner podcast. What about interviewing Chinese learners so they could share their learning experience and some though phases during the journey?

    This is just something that came to my mind. Lets see what others think!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sara. We are definitely planning to interview people on their experiences learning Chinese. It’s just been quite difficult to get everyone together over the last few weeks, but we managed to record this test to iron out any difficulties.

      I’ll see what we can come up with over the next few weeks.


  2. That was really cool! Keep em coming guys. My opinion on Heisig though… I could write a whole paper on. I’ll do a blogpost on it in the future. Also, those massages sound painful. You’re brave people.

  3. Thanks for the feedback all. I also got some feedback that we need to talk to remember that we are talking to the audience too, which is a fair comment.
    We’ll get some interviews done and try some new things with the format and see how it goes. Along with interviews the idea is sort of just – life in a Chinese speaking country while learning Chinese.
    If you have any more ideas or thoughts please post back!

  4. Hey Chinese hacks!

    I really liked it too. But you need more prep so it’s more tight and fast paced. I listen to podcasts everyday. So this is great. We did a podcast too for a while here. and a Shanghainese one too!

    How do you do it over skype? That’s pretty cool. Get them on iTunes and that would be great too!

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