BoPoMoFo Zhuyin Flashcards – Free Printable PDF

I love visually creative tools for learning Chinese, and these free BoPoMoFo (Zhuyin) flashcards fit right into that category. “What’s BoPoMoFo?” I can hear you shouting – Well, BoPoMoFo is the phonetic alphabet that is used in Taiwan in lieu of Pinyin and depending upon your choice of where to learn Chinese, or if you’re more interested in Traditional Chinese, it might be a viable alternative to the Pinyin system.

Zhuyin Flashcards

Each flashcard has been made by associating a Chinese word and related cartoon with a Zhuyin character from the pronunciation by integrating the Zhuyin right into the picture (that’s 3 levels of association!). The result is a set of flashcards that are visually stimulating and sure to aid in acquisition of the Zhuyin alphabet.

Here’s a few cards that I particularly like:

Volcano - Zhuyin Flashcard

Straw - Zhuyin Flashcard

Sneeze - Zhuyin Flashcard

Sing - Zhuyin Flashcard

The creator of the Flashcards, Castle of Costa Mesa, has also posted a video on Youtube showing the flashcards, though there currently isn’t any audio on the video, which is unfortunate. Hopefully it’ll be added soon:


If you’re not sure how to pronounce the Zhuyin characters then you can use an online resource such as this BoPoMoFo soundboard, or you could always download our Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheatsheet.

And if all that isn’t enough for you then Castle of Costa Mesa also offers the Zhuyin flashcards for download as Mnemonic Worksheets.

Visit Castle of Costa Mesa to download the flashcards.

  • YT KO

    Great effort! I’m going to let my friends who are learning Chinese know about this! Perhaps you’d like to update some characters on the flashcards to be more accurate, e.g. ㄆ is Po but you used 攵 which is a character (Pu) rather than a phonetic symbol.

    If you have Microsoft New Phonetic input method, simply type the BoPoMoFo phonetic key and space bar, it will give you the phonetic, including the tone symbols: ˙ ˊ ˇ (currently you use V) ˋ

    • YT KO

      Should have been directed to Castle of Costa Mesa, the maker of these cards. That’ll teach me not to jump to conclusion (or reply section) before reading the entire post.

      • Hi YT KO, no problem, thanks for the comments. I did notice a few strange things on the cards myself but was just glad to see someone making some new Zhuyin learning resources. Hopefully the creator will tweak them if there is a lot of interest.

      • Thanks YT KO for pointing out the glitch! Here is the updated version with corrections!


  • Hey Dave,

    I put up a homemade Old Fashion Traditional Chinese Folk Fairy Tale puppet show to encourage mandarin chinese learning. Check out the many pictures on my website…

    Laibao’s Quest For A Bride 來寶求親


  • Harmony

    These are so good! I knew pinyin before and I hadn’t found the motivation to learn Bopomofo as well. I thought it might open up more resources for me (all things in Taiwan meant for learning characters) but just looking at the meaningless squiggles seemed not worth it. Anyway, after a relatively short bit of studying with these (maybe an hour, tops) I’m now fluent in both, which I think will be a useful long-term skill.