Daily Word – Android App for Learning Chinese Characters Through Radicals

If you’re bored during your commute or want to better use time spent waiting around try supplementing your Chinese studies with Daily Word for Android.

Daily Word (probably better named ‘Daily Character’) is a simple yet useful app – in addition to showing a unique Chinese character for each day of the year, it also also displays an abundance of extra information. You can see the pronunciation (in Hanyu Pinyin, Tong Yong Pinyin and Zhuyin), the number of strokes, the primary radical, variations of the character throughout the ages, a description of the character and even the meaning along with any related idioms.

Daily Word Screenshots

The 365-character list contained in the app is based on, and grouped by, the Chinese radicals. This means it’s a limited list, but as mentioned above I think this app is better suited to be a supplement to your studies. The list appears to be downloaded from the internet when the app is run, though, so presumably it’ll be updated each year. You can view and see the related data for all 365 characters from the main list, so you aren’t limited to only one character per day.

Since the app and website are completely in Chinese beginners might have some difficulty using it. It’s also traditional Chinese, but if you’re learning radicals then there’s no escaping some exposure to traditional characters.

The app is an extension of the International Encoded Han Character and Variants Database, where on the homepage you can get the exact same ‘daily word’ that is shown in the app. The website also allows searching any character or radical, so if you want a more proactive study resource then head over to the website.

International Encoded Han Character and Variants Database

If you’re learning radicals, or want to see how the radicals are used in various characters, while at the same time picking up a few new characters and learning some etymology, then you’ll no doubt find this app useful.

Google Play Store: 每日一字 Daily Word