Everyday Chinese Calligraphy

Here’s a couple of websites that I’ve been following lately that feature practical examples of Chinese calligraphy. I say practical as the words that are featured are generally everyday words and names that would useful to beginners, as opposed to poetry or more advanced abstract Chinese.

The first site is shufaone.com. Shufaone features calligraphy examples of popular phrases and names, along with the Pinyin and English translations – very useful if you’re looking for the phonetic translation of your name in Chinese. Here’s a few recent examples from the site:

Forgive me - Chinese Calligraphy

You (plural) - Chinese Calligraphy

The second site, or rather Youtube account, is Learning Chinese with Iris. The format is simple, Iris introduces the words she’ll be writing in both English and Chinese, explains about the characters, and then beautifully writes them. The great thing is that these are everyday words (the latest video being 出口 and 入口) that all learners should find useful and entertaining.

You can also follow shufaone and Learning Chinese with Iris on Google+.

If you know of any more Chinese calligraphy sites then please post them below – I also came across a site that focused on Chinese Calligraphy Idioms, but I couldn’t find it in time for this post.

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