Free Version of Hanping Chinese Dictionary Now Ad-Free

This release slipped under the radar earlier this month, but if you’re an Chinese-learning Android phone user then you’ll be happy to hear that the free version of the popular Hanping Chinese Dictionary is now completely ad-free.

There’s also a few other important changes that have been implemented to better support the different versions of Android. The most notable being that the free version has been split into two versions, “Classic” (the old Lite version) and then the new “Lite”, the latter being the main free version going forward. In addition, the new Lite version now includes the dictionary data (previously an in-app download) in the app itself. This increases the initial app download size to 10MB, but means you won’t get caught short after installing the app then forgetting to immediately install the dictionary before venturing out where you might not have a data connection.

Lastly, the new Lite version was also upgraded to the new Holo theme, which puts it on par with the Pro version, and also means nightmode (which I immediately switch to after installing) includes the dark search bar, very cool.

The new Lite version is aimed at Android phones running Gingerbread (2.3) and up, if you’re using an older phone then you can still try the new version but as some older devices have memory restrictions you might need to stick with the classic version.

To find out what version you are running go into the settings of your phone and look for the ‘About Phone” menu option where you’ll find the “Android Version” number.


4 responses to “Free Version of Hanping Chinese Dictionary Now Ad-Free

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  2. I’m a long time user of the amazing pleco. Is this app much the same and is it worth having both. Which is your favourite?

  3. thanks for the heads-up. just realised i’d installed the wrong one, so now i’ve got the proper Hanping Lite app on my Nexus 7. liking the quick-access lists.

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