Chinese Touch for Nintendo DS updated to v1.3

A few weeks we reviewed Chinese Touch, a home-brew Nintendo DS application for learning Chinese. Chinese Touch has huge potential and the developer, Syslock, has recently released the version 1.3 update:

While lookups from large dictionaries and dynamic word lists where already supported back then, many bugs and instabilities have been fixed since, some ui components have been improved and you get more flexibility when generating different kinds of word lists from the lesson menu now.

The release notes include the following improvements, among others:

  • Support for context lookups in text mode and keyword lookups using a touch screen keyboard from large dictionaries like CC-CEDICT, HanDeDict, WaDoku etc.
  • More control about word list difficulty (any rating) ordering (occurrence, time, random) and scope (current lesson, including previous lessons, book, global) available from the lesson menu.
  • It is possible to assign and remove words found in dictionaries to/from lessons new word lists, using the star and trash symbols.
  • Replaced most Chinese button captions with more intuitive icons.
  • Added visualization for current mean rating per lesson/book/globally to lesson menu.
  • Selected character will now be rendered on the upper screen, even if no matching dictionary entry was found, so its easier to read and lookup by other means.
  • fixed many bugs; added some ui improvements

If you have a DS and can run home-brew software then this is a great program. Read more about Chinese Touch on Syslock’s developer blog