Hanping Pro 2.4.0 Chinese Dictionary Released – Now with Zhuyin!

First Pleco adds optical character recognition to their iPhone app, then Hanping adds Zhuyin to their Android app – Christmas has come early for Chinese learners!

The new version of the Pro version of Hanping includes a series of updates and tweaks to the software (full list below), but the best feature (at least for anyone who learnt Chinese in Taiwan anyway) has to be the inclusion of Zhuyin as an option for phonetic alphabet:

Hanping Pro Zhuyin

The full list of updates are as follows:

  • Much better management of Faves/Starred words. Now, a “Starred” word corresponds one-to-one with whether the Star icon (second screen) is glowing. If a word is Starred, then you can assign any number of Tags. These correspond to the old “User List” names. The main benefit of this change is that now you can see all your Starred words together at the same time (called the “All Starred” list).
  • When viewing the list of Starred lists, you can now see how many words are in each list (number in brackets after list name). This is not available for non-Starred lists.
  • New Settings screen allowing you to configure Simp/Trad, Hanzi Coloring and Phonetic System settings
  • Added Zhuyin/Bopomofo display support!  Now you can select which Phonetic System to display: Pinyin (with tone marks), Pinyin (with tone number), Zhuyin or None.  Note: searching by Zhuyin is not currently supported.
  • Hanzi coloring is now also applied to search results!

Hanping Pro is available in the Android Market Place for £4.99
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Hanping Pro Chinese Dictionary