Read your Favourite Western Comics Translated into Chinese on iPad and iPhone

We all know how it feels – you outgrew your Chinese textbooks and went on the hunt for actual Chinese language content. Then came the realisation, and subsequent horror, that the varied and abundant types of content you’re used to in your mother tongue aren’t available in Mandarin. Noooooooooo! Well, 漫画熱門精选 should go some way to alleviating the pain of comic fans or nerds who also happen to be learning Chinese.

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漫画熱門精选*(màn huà rè mén jīng xuǎn)”popular comics selection” is an iPad (and iphone) app that not only provides a convenient way to read, as the name suggests, popular Asian comics, but also makes available a huge selection of Western comics translated into Chinese, and for free**, no less.


First, go and download the app from the App Store. After launching the app you’ll be presented with the most popular recent comics. To find the translated Western comics just move the grey bar at the top to the left until you see 欧美(ōu měi)”European and American” and you’ll find a huge list of what are essentially fan-translations of popular Western comics.

Futurama ChineseThe selection of comics is extensive, from Spiderman, X-Men and Superman to more obscure titles, I even found Futurama comics on there (unfortunately Simpsons comics were not to be found – if you know where they can found please let us know!). Unless you’re after something really obscure you’ll more than likely find what you’re looking for.

Both Traditional and Simplified comics are available, though it’s not made clear and you have to download and look before finding out, so it’s essentially pot-luck, though from my experience the Simplified ratio is a bit more.

We’re always on the look out for cool resources like this to help Chinese learners, so if you know of any then please post below a message down in the comments.

* This app was originally called 热门漫画 (rè mén màn huà)but upon writing this post I discovered that the app wasn’t available in the App Store, but later found the same app under a different name. It’s developed by the same person and there actually appear to be a series of similar apps all with similar icons/name. So if you can’t find this specific app just search for 漫画 in the App Store.

** It’s beyond the scope of this blog to consider the legality of the service providing the comics, though Apple saw fit to allow the app, so let the responsibility rest with them 😉

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  1. I am going to speak about 漫画 in our community blog. I hope you don’t mind that I put a link to your blog.(If you mind, please tell me, and I shall delete it)
    Your blog is so interesting and funny, as well as a good chinese learning resource.

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