Watch Chinese and Taiwanese Television with TVU

Whilst learning Chinese, the opportunity to listen to people speaking Chinese is essential for increasing your listening and comprehension abilities. An obvious way to do this is by watching telly – but what if you’re not in China or Taiwan, or you are, but don’t have a TV? 😉

There is another option, TVU player streams live television from around the world, including channels from both China and Taiwan, and all for free, no less. Simply install the TVU Player software, which comes in both Mac and Windows flavours (there is also an iPhone and iPad version too), and you are ready to go:

Select Chinese from the language drop-down (top left) to view Chinese channels

If you’d rather watch pre-recorded on-demand programmes then you will be better of with PPStream – although don’t get distracted by all the English language movies, stay in the Chinese section!

Have we missed any other software or websites for watching Chinese TV, let us know in the comments:

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  1. Thanks for the comment, I did see your post, originally I had though that PPTV and PPStream were the same thing. PPStream is really good and updated quickly, although as I mentioned above most times you end up watching a movie in English 😉
    The thing I like most about TVU is they do a Mac version!

    1. hi dave i am taiwanese too first, im glad that u chose taiwan to learn mandarin. so i need to ask a big question… do you know how to download TVU for macbooks? because i have a macbook from school and i want to watch stuff on it … so if u can tell me how to download it … that would help me a lot thx

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