Around the web: 12th June 2010

Chinese Microblog Cartoon

Webb in China featured this cartoon at the end of last month, which uses Japanese style cartoons to illustrate the various microblogging and social networking sites:

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Chinese Tongue Twisters

If you’re learning Chinese then it is innevitable that you will come across these at some point, and if you are to truly master Chinese pronunciation then you’ll need to get some practice in:

On my first day of study abroad in Beijing, our teachers taught us this little tongue twister to help us work with our tones:
老师是四十四,是不是?(lǎoshī shì sìshísì, shì bú shì)Translation: The Teacher is 44, no (is this true/true of false)?

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Slow Chinese Audio Podcast

Slow Chinese is a podcast that features readings of Chinese texts to help improve your Chinese listening ability. The texts are published on the website so you can read along while you listen. The podcast was created to fill the need for a podcast that focuses on slow, clearly pronounced, learning materials. The podcast is updated nearly every week so should be a great addition to your other learning materials.

Sample text:

夏天来了,我穿上了最喜爱的T恤衫。这件T恤衫正面写着“靠谱”两个大字。这是一个很流行的词语,不过来北京以前,我从来没有听说过这个词语,也不知道是 什么意思。但现在,我觉得这个词语真是太酷了。

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Open Chinese Course

Featured on Social Mandarin this week was a free course in Chinese from MIT. The course is focused at beginners and looks to be an excellent introduction to China and Chinese, especially for free:

This course utilizes Julian Wheatley’s Learning Chinese: A Foundation Course in Mandarin. Part 1. (The Character Text). The following table lists the readings with a PDF for that specific session as well as audio recordings for select readings. A PDF version of the Character Text by lesson is also listed below.

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Did you read a good blog post over the last week or so related to learning Chinese? Have any tips on blogs we should keep an eye on? Please post a comment below!