BBC Chinese launches Youtube Channel

Last week we wrote about a tech video podcast from Taiwan, but if technology isn’t your thing then you might be more interested in the BBC Chinese Youtube Channel that launched last month.

The BBC Chinese website is a great resource for learners of Chinese as it features up to the minute news in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and the Youtube Channel should be a welcome addition along with the selection of Chinese podcasts.

BBC Zhongwen Youtube Channel

Unfortunately not every report has been dubbed into Chinese and it seems to be a mix of English, Chinese and Chinese subtitles. Though some of the more recent reports seem to have been dubbed, so hopefully this will continue.

If you know of any more resources for Chinese language news and content then please let us know below!

3 responses to “BBC Chinese launches Youtube Channel

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  2. Considering that most learners of Chinese are living in China, it is especially deplorable these sites are all blocked here.

  3. It is a shame that conent like this isn’t available inside China. I think this is actually aimed at Chinese abroad, but it doubles as a good learning tool for for people not in mainland China.

    I thought I had heard that BBC Chinese (the website) was available in China recently? though I may have been mistaken.

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