CFDict Provides Free Chinese – French Dictionary

It’s hard to learn Chinese without at some point coming across the CC-CEDICT dictionary, a Chinese – English dictionary originally started in 1997 by Paul Denisowski and now available as an open source project under the Creative Commons licence. CC-CEDICT aims to provide a freely available dictionary that can is maintained and updated collectively by the Chinese learning community.


Under the same mission of providing a free resource a French group have created CFDICT, offering a Chinese – French dictionary that like CEDICT is also available under the Creative Commons licence. The following is a Google translation from the CFDICT website:

It is from 2009 that China began to consider information on how to freely share the database of the dictionary in order to extend this project in French because we believe that access to knowledge should be free.

On this page you can download the free database of dictionary Chinese – French CFDICT with Pinyin, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, which are updated regularly. You can also participate in correcting existing entries to share them with the world. Corrections will be checked and added to the downloadable file. It is relatively easy to contribute because of translations in French and English are already available before correction and validation.

In addition to providing a download of the database, you can also search the database directly and there are also extensions available for Google Chrome, an iPhone application and many online dictionaries – to see a full list check out the bottom of the CFDICT web page.

If you want to use or contribute to the CFDICT project then you can find all the details on the official web page.

We’re always on the lookout for great resources like this so if you know of any then please let us know so we can share with everyone!

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