Free Chinese Video Lessons from Chinese with Mike

Bored of text books?  Need a fun way to get started learning Chinese? Then check out this free Chinese video series, Chinese with Mike.

Mike, who sleeps on a mattress in his garage, has a relaxed and fun teaching style which makes the videos entertaining and easy watch.

Chinese with Mike

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and bandanna, Mike introduces you to Chinese from the very beginning, from why you should learn Chinese, the Pinyin system, tones and then on to Chinese characters. Each lesson comprises a video of about 10 minutes, and a downloadable PDF of lesson material. Best of all the video series is free. It doesn’t look like the videos are available as a podcast for you to watch on your mobile device, but the series was only released this month so hopefully this is coming soon!

Regardless of whether you are just starting out learning Chinese, or if you have been learning for a while and need a refresher then Chinese with Mike is definitely worth a look.

Know of any other podcasts or video series that are worth a look? Let us know in the comments below!