Get to know contemporary Chinese writers

Want to know more about contemporary Chinese writers? Well, you’re in luck. MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has recently launched a collaborative website project that aims to showcase the best of Chinese, Taiwanese, nay the whole Chinese diaspora.

Contemporary Chinese Writers

The mission of the project is to give visibility to the wide range of famous living Chinese writers and to integrate Chinese cultural elements into language learning.

The meaning of our website’s Chinese logo, wéncháo 文潮 , is “waves of literature,” and it symbolizes the impact of these writers on Chinese society and the world. This website is a scholarly repository, and we invite academic scholars to have their scholarly works cited on the website and linked if appropriate. In the spirit of MIT’s OpenCourseWare, the Contemporary Chinese Writers Website Project will serve as an open resource to scholars and readers of Chinese literature worldwide.

Currently the website features two writers Can Xue of China, and Li Ang of Taiwan. There is lots of information available about each writer such as a biography, list of works, chronology, translators among lots of custom data per writer. Unfortunately the website does not feature any works by the writer, but rather servers as a Wikipedia-esque database of information about them. Although, possibly the most interesting aspect of the website, and something of great value, is the ability to send a message to writer with the website stating that a response should be expected within 7 to 10 days.

If you’re interested in contemporary Chinese writers and looking for a place to start, or even if you’re a seasoned Chinese reader who is looking for new content, then the Contemporary Chinese Writers website is worth a look. Hopefully many more writers will be added in the near future.

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