Learn Chinese with Iris Reads Classic Novels in Chinese

by Dave Flynn | 26th September, 2012 | Web |

If you’re a fan of classical literature then this series of Youtube videos by Iris McKay (Learn Chinese with Iris) should be of interest to you.

Learn Chinese with Iris Reads Classic Novels in Chinese

In a new series of videos Iris says that she will be reading Chinese translations of classic novels, the first novel being Jane Eyre. So far it looks like each video will be 2 or 3 minutes long, and a book will be split among multiple videos that contain the Chinese, Pinyin and English, along with audio of Iris reading. At 2 or 3 minutes each a whole book would take a long time to finish, though Iris states that she’s reading an abridged version.

Check out the first in the Jane Eyre series:

Apologies to those in China as it looks like these videos are only available on Youtube.

Youtube: Reading classic novel in Chinese – Jane Eyre Part 1
Blog: Learn Chinese with Iris

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