Learn Taboo Chinese with America Vs Taiwan

We are all for ditching the textbooks and learning “real-world” Chinese here at Chinese Hacks, and that’s exactly what you get with the America Vs Taiwan podcast. Hosted by American Shane and Taiwanese Cynthia, and seemingly recorded from their kitchen in the states, America Vs Taiwan lifts all restraints when it comes to covering topics for their podcast.

America Vs Taiwan

Shane and Cynthia candidly discuss all sorts of topics including  A片, Finger Condom, Morning Wood, Chinglish, Hookers and even Queefs, so if you are at all offended by sensitive topics then this podcast is not from you. Though if you want to have some fun while learning Chinese then this podcast is perfect for taking a break from the books while still getting some Chinese input.

The podcast comes complete with sound effects and animated Chinese characters that fly across the screen – so if you’ve ever seen Taiwanese telly then you’ll be right at home with this 🙂

America Vs Taiwan is available as either a video or audio podcast on itunes, as videos on blip.tv and you can also follow the podcast on Facebook.

What podcasts do you listen to or watch for learning Chinese?