Learn Taiwanese from a Foreigner in Taiwan

Ever wanted to learn Taiwanese? Or just take a break from 普通話/國語 and learn something different?

Mike Campbell - Taiwanese

Mike Campbell, recently featured on CTI News and Apple Daily in Taiwan, has posted a free series of lessons on Youtube that cover basic Taiwanese right up to talking about business using Taiwanese.

Mike uses a mix of English and Mandarin to teach Taiwanese, so having a basic understanding of Chinese would be ideal before jumping in, though I found that the Mandarin really helps in understanding what is being taught.

Sorry to people behind the GFW, I couldn’t find these videos anywhere except Youtube

While learning Taiwanese might not be essential for foreigners on the mainland, if you visit Taiwan or plan on living there, especially in the south, you might find that you need to at least learn a few basics.

This series really caught the media’s attention here in Taiwan, which is unsurprising since it’s still a bit of a rarity to find foreigners who are actually fluent in Mandarin, never mind Taiwanese, or Hakka. CTI even called Mike a 人體翻譯機(人体翻译机 rén tǐ fān yì jī)or “human translating machine” while asking him to say ‘thankyou’ in 18 languages.

You can find more videos from Mike on his Youtube channel, and on the Facebook page of his organisation, Glossika Language.