Read English and Chinese News Side-by-Side

We’re always pushing news as a great way to learn Chinese and see how the words you’re learning are actually used by native speakers, and the Taiwanese newspaper The Liberty Times seems to be feel the same way about English.

The Liberty Times

The Liberty Times provides almost daily news reports in both English and Chinese covering all types of news. Each news report also features a list of keywords at the end along with their definitions, but as the reports are meant for Chinese speakers who are learning English obviously the Chinese pronunciation is not provided. Though, we can still take advantage of the reports to learn Chinese. All we need to do it employ a few of the tools that we have mentioned in the past for studying Chinese online.

Convert it to Simplified Chinese

The news reports are in Traditional Chinese, but you can you can convert it to Simplified by using the Tong Wen Tang plugin for Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Convert Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese

View the definitions of words as you read

Using the PeraPeraKun plugin for Firefox, or Zhongwen plugin for Chrome, you can hover over the words as you read to view the pronunciation and definition.


Annotate the report

If you’d rather view the pronunciation for whole or part of the report then you can use the MandarinSpot annotation tool.

MandariSpot Chinese Annotation


Don’t rule out resources that are created for Chinese speakers to learn English, all we have to do is adapt them a little or use some tools like the ones mentioned above, and we have materials that are perfectly suitable for us to learn Chinese with.

If you know of any decent resources for Chinese speakers to learn English that we might also be able to take advantage of then let us know below!

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  2. I was very excited about this particular post and the tools you’ve introduced here (so excited I blogged about it myself so hopefully others will find it)! Thank you!

  3. I’m all for taking advantage of material designed to teach English. One resource I’m using is everyday I receive a daily email from the VOA (Voice-of-America) with a summary of news in Chinese. Monday- Friday they will translate two of them into English as well which is useful. I don’t have a link for where to sign up (and my mainland compatriots will probably need a VPN to sign up) but here’s a link to their archives.

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