Shanghai Scams Video Series

Not directly related to learning Mandarin Chinese, but still be very valuable for those heading to China, Shanghai Scams is a three-part video series from Youtube user Serpentza who walks the streets of Shanghai whilst discussing the most common cons.

Shanghai Scams 1: Assisted Shopping


Shanghai Scams 2: Beggars / Cellphone Scam


Shanghai Scams 3: The Man Trap


If you’ve experienced any of these scams whilst in China, or have any tips for people travelling to China please let us know in the comments.

One response to “Shanghai Scams Video Series

  1. When visiting the Great Wall, a group of locals started walking with us, complementing our Chinese etc., developing an emotional connection, until at the end they pulled out their tourist tat and demanded we buy some. Hard to say no, but it’s up to you to decide whether it’s better to feel like a sucker or a scrooge!

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