Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language – Free online mock exam

As far as Chinese proficiency exams go, the Chinese HSK exam is probably the most well know, though there is an alternative. In Taiwan, learners of Chinese take the TOCFL exam (Test of Chinese as a Foreign language), formally known as the TOP exam (Test of Proficiency in Hanyu). If you’re in Taiwan then this is without a doubt the exam that you’ll be taking to prove your worth in Chinese, but even if you’re outside of Taiwan then the TOCFL exam can still be useful to you.

Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language

The TOCFL websites features mock exams for all ability levels free to download, including the MP3 files for the listening section and the answer sheets – and for those worried that Taiwan uses Traditional Chinese there is even a Simplified Chinese version of the exams.

If you’ve taken the TOP before then you should still give these TOCFL exams a look the examination style has changed and, in my opinion, has improved a lot. Even if you don’t plan on taking the official exam this is a great way to gauge your current level, and as the answers are provided you can even grade yourself.

If you’ve taken the TOP before or you know of any other online resources like this then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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8 responses to “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language – Free online mock exam

  1. I took the Beginner level Listening/Reading test on May 7. Just got my certificate in the mail. I scored 36/40 on listening and 38/40 on reading (yeah, I’m patting myself on the back).

    The vocabulary used for this test level seems to have come from Practical Audio-Visual Chinese books 1&2, so if you go through those books you shouldn’t have any trouble.

    I’m planning to take the next level in November. Good luck to the other test takers and learners out there!

    1. Gratz 史提夫

      I have only done the test once myself, and knowing how to prepare for them is a big problem. At your test center was it all computerized? I got my results on screen as soon as the time was up.

      1. Hi Chris,

        I took the test at NTNU (師大) on Heping East Rd, and it was computerized there. Like you, I got my score immediately after the test.

        Because the Beginner Test seemed to be based on PAVC Books 1 and 2, I’m assuming the next three levels are based on Books 3, 4, and 5. I haven’t yet looked at the practice test to verify, though.

        To prepare for the next level’s test in November, I’m trying to get through PAVC Book 3; also, I listen to the podcasts on ChineseLearnOnline.com, try to read simple children’s books, and watch TV (but that’s still quite difficult, especially when they throw in Taiwanese!)

        I saw your latest comic–good job! I’m going to have to take a look at the others now. Can I ask, what are the names of the handwritten fonts that you use?

  2. Thanks Dave … for all the information and latest information related to Mandarin Language. In fact i have been a regular visitor of your webiste since last 4 months and this has indeed increased my knowledge in the related language.Keep going.

  3. HI Dave
    I am an indian and wish to opt for the online test. is there a fee for that pls. let me know as i am not clear with it.Thanks

    1. Hi Paarul, This is a mock test, so If you follow the download link above you can chose the level you think is most suitable.

      Though as this is a mock test you obviously won’t get a real grade or certificate and this is purely for self testing.


  4. Hi,

    I’ve taken the tests before but it was paper based. The intermediate one was quite difficult. I’m wondering if has become easier now that it is computer based…any experience on both tests?

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