What Up, Kaoshiung? explores Taiwanese culture

A few weeks ago we posted about a new video series that is being produced in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and covering all aspects of Taiwanese culture. What Up, Kaohsiung? now have their website up and running and from what I  have been told should be releasing around two new videos per month.

What Up, Kaohsiung?

The series, produced and directed by Will Brubaker, follows presenter Elyse Lu as she interviews people from all walks of life about the interesting aspects of Taiwanese culture. The first set of videos has covered traditional Lion Dancing, the infamous Taiwanese night market culture and most recently The Firecracker Game, which investigates the activities surrounding the Wannian Folklore Festival.


If you’re interested in Taiwanese and Asian culture then the videos will be of great interest and definitely worth keeping an eye out for the new releases as they roll out.

Anyone in Kaoshiung, Taiwan that has a interesting take on any aspect of Taiwanese life or culture can contact Will via the What Up, Kaohsiung? website, or on Twitter. What Up, Kaohsiung? is also looking for local bar owners to be featured on an upcoming episode entitled “Tai-one On” – what are you waiting for?

If you know of any other interesting podcasts about life in Asia then share them with the rest of us and post in the comments below!

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