Chinese Hacks on Radio Taiwan

Recently, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by Radio Taiwan for Shirley Lin’s People programme. People focuses interviewing people that are living in Taiwan about their life in Taiwan:

Meet Taiwanese people or foreigners living in Taiwan from all walks of life, on People. Every week, Shirley interviews fascinating people and together they talk about something that’s special about these people or some aspect of life in Taiwan. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan’s greatest assets – it’s people!

Chinese Hacks on Radio Taiwan

We talked about the motivation behind Chinese Hacks, how the site has evolved over the last 8 months, our philosophy for learning real-world Chinese and more. Thanks to Shirley for having us, it was a great experience.

The programme was broadcast today (Friday, 10th December), and is available on the website for listening, we also have the MP3 for download and listening here:

MP3 direct download

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If you are in Taiwan and are involved in any interesting projects then Shirley is always looking out for new people to interview, so send her an email!

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