New Structured Format for Chinese Hacks

Chinese Hacks has now been online for over a month and up to now the blog posts have been somewhat random in when they were released and also their content. In an attempt to maintain some form of regularity, and so you know what to expect and when to expect it, we’ll be sticking to the following schedule:

Monday 星期一

News Hack (一周大事) – A look at the weeks news in Chinese, covering which Chinese words you’ll need to know to read some of the weeks most important news

Tuesday 星期二

Website Hack (網站秘技) – A review of an online Chinese dictionary, service or blog related to learning Chinese.

Wednesday 星期三

Advertising Hack (廣告秘技) – A look at Chinese language advertising and keywords related to advertising.

Thursday 星期四

Software Hack (軟體秘技) – A review of Chinese learning software including Windows, Mac and Mobile apps.

Friday 星期五

Around the web (熱門網站) – What’s hot on Chinese learning blogs from around the web – a breakdown of some interesting blog posts and other web content for the week.

Saturday 星期六

Study Hack (學習秘技) – Tips and techniques for learning Chinese and how they can help you increase your Chinese ability.

Sunday 星期日

Other (其他) – Anything else related to learning Chinese that’s not covered in the above topics.

We are open to any ideas related to what content you want to read or learn, so if you have any feedback then please let us know below:

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