The Chinese Learner’s Toolbox

Following the amazing feedback on Facebook (thanks everyone!) to the question “What’s your favourite tool for learning Chinese?” it felt a shame to let the post disappear into the ether. So I’ve gathered up the tools and made a special section here on ChineseHacks called ‘The Chinese Learner’s Toolbox‘.

The section will be a curated list of useful apps, software, websites, browser plugins, podcasts and eventually books that are useful on the quest for learning Chinese. The aim is to list quality resources that people actually use, which is why the list from Facebook is the perfect starting point (not all resources have been added yet but will be over the next few days). It won’t be an all-encompassing list, but rather the most useful and worthy of your time.

Anyway, head over to the Toolbox to see if there are any resources you aren’t using yet. If you have a suggestion for a tool please submit it!

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