Chinese Word of the Day via RSS and Twitter

Not everyone has the time to take Chinese lessons, or even regularly browse the web looking for useful Chinese resource and articles, so why not have the Chinese come to you?

There are many websites that feature a Chinese “Word of the Day” via RSS feed or Twitter account that you can follow. Here is a small selection of resources that should get you going with Chinese words and sentences in your RSS reader, email inbox and Twitter account every day:

RSS Feeds

MDBG provides HSK word lists that publish ten words every day to an RSS feed – they also feature a nice introductory article on what RSS feeds are and about using and choosing an RSS reader, so I’ll skip over the basics here.

When creating a feed at MDBG you can choose any of the 4 HSK levels, or choose the receive words from all levels:

If you’d rather not use an RSS reader, then you can find a service to deliver the contents of the RSS feed to you via email. Feed in my Inbox and RSS to Email are two such services, they are both easy to set up – simply enter the feed address and your email address and after confirming your email you will get daily updates sent to you.

RSS to Email sends the words one at a time as the MDBG feed is updated, so you receive a few emails throughout the day, whereas Feed in my Inbox will send one daily email containing the full list of words.

RSS to Email

Twitter Accounts

If you’re a Twitter user, or you’d rather not mess around with RSS feeds, then there are a number of Twitter accounts tweeting out daily Chinese words and sentences. (If you need a Twitter account you can register here, and if you’re not sure what Twitter is watch this video).

Some useful Twitter accounts worth following are:

Daily Chinese Word

China 8 tweets out a  collection of random Chinese words every day:

Daily Chinese Word

Chinese a Day

Chinese a Day regularly tweets out Chinese sentences sourced from, a website of sentences translated into many languages:

Chinese a Day

Social Mandarin

While not strictly a ‘Word of the Day’ Twitter account, Social Mandarin does post daily links to sites related to learning Chinese, using people power to aggregate the best links:

Social Mandarin

Word of the Day (XiaoCiDian)

Word of the Day tweets out daily words from the CC-Cedict open source dictionary:

Word of the Day

Chinese WidgetThe developer of XiaoCiDian also distributes Word of the Day via a Max OSX widget, iGoogle widget, Twitter account, RSS feed, and you can also sign up to have a Chinese word delivered to your email every day. For download links and more information you can visit the Chinese Word of the Day website.

This is just a small selection of RSS feeds and Twitter accounts that publish a Chinese word-of-the-day, if you know of any that aren’t listed here then please post them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list:

3 responses to “Chinese Word of the Day via RSS and Twitter

  1. Thanks for the link, Sara. That looks like a decent website. I like they way they give a new word, but then also give related phrases that also contain that word, plus example sentences.

    I checked out your blog too, I’ll have more of a read later when I have some time 😉

  2. Yes the phrases are the best part. It’s almost useless to learn a word if you don’t know how to use it. And thanks for checking my blog! It’s just a start but I hope to share something new.

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