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Feedly Chinese

5 Useful Techniques for Productive Mandarin Self Study

After taking Chinese classes for almost 4 years I decided in February that I would stop going to class and focus more on work while studying in my spare time. That’s really easier said than done and self-study requires a ……

Listen to music to learn Chinese: Soft Lipa

Learn Chinese by Listening to Music – Hip Hop: Soft Lipa

In addition to with watching Chinese language movies and television programmes to improve your listening ability, you should also be listening to music. Listening to music is particularly useful for learning and and retaining new words, since if you like ……

5 useful Chinese conjunctions

5 useful Chinese conjunctions

As a continuation of our article on Chinese sentence patterns, here are 5 useful Chinese conjunctions that will help you in understanding Chinese sentence structure and how to string ideas together in a coherent sentence. The following examples were all ……


How to learn Chinese with online services (Part Two)

This is the second in a two-part series looking at online services for learning Chinese, the first part was a review of ChineseTeachers.com. Now that you certainly are a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker (after using ChineseTeacher.com), let’s focus on our ……

HTC Desire advert

Chinese Translation: HTC Desire Advertisement

Here’s a recent advertisement from Taiwan for HTC’s Desire mobile phone. Watch the advert and see how much you can pick out on the first run, which might just be keywords, then listen a second and third time and see ……

Chinese Writer

Free Chinese Writer iPhone App

Popup Chinese, a website offering podcasts and various tools for learning Chinese (look for a full review in the future) recently released a Chinese writing iPhone application for free. The app features three modes:

Turn Inspiration into Skill

A lot of the time I find myself raring to go, ready to practice some Chinese, but without knowing where to start – based on my current skills where is the best place to start practicing? Or, which area of ……